Axway can confidently make one prediction: Over the next 20 years, the amount of data you will have to manage will increase – dramatically. With every year that passes, your systems are going to have to transport, exchange, process and store ever greater amounts of information. How you manage that data explosion, and how you secure data exchanges over public networks, could be a key difference between thriving or failing.

Download your complimentary white paper, OFTP2: 20 More years? and learn:

  • Why OFTP2 plays such a vital role in modern enterprises
  • How OFTP2 affects your bottom line
  • The future of OFTP2

Whether you need to successfully migrate from OFTP1 to the new version of the protocol, or are considering investing in OFTP technology for the first time, Axway can help you meet industry mandates to reliably secure communications, send large files quickly and easily, protect critical data, integrate with your applications and connect and manage your trading partner community – all at the highest levels of operational efficiency and security.